June 25, 2024

The secret of getting these fantastic deals and extras is group travel. A group of ten people has a lot of clout with the competition for those visitors so fierce. Obviously, the more people and the longer the stay the better the terms you can get.

A recent example have been a group of twenty university students from the US and their teacher staying for four nights got one night free, free breakfast each morning, tour boat on the river for half price, and sedan transport to and from the airport as well as a dedicated tour guide for two of their days here. Their total cost was about 35% of what they would have paid a year or two ago.

Another great deal was gotten by a dozen men from Madrid who came to Prague for a weekend of casinos. The initial deal didn’t look that impressive. They got a 15% discount on their rooms and the hotel threw in a nightcap at the bar (breakfast was already included). The casino was next door but not part of the hotel. Just prior to their arrival, when making final confirmations, one of them mentioned this was a regular trip for this gang, one they made three times a year. They enjoyed a number of extras when they arrived but what was really special was the deal they were offered on a return. One night out of four, free or two nights out of six; transportation, dinner and drinks from the casino; tickets to a cabaret and lots of little extras. On their second trip the gentlemen enjoyed savings of about 60% off the full price. In November they will be back for their third visit, this time for a week and with 17 people (at last count). The organizer is getting everything but airfare free and the rest of the discount is about 75% – not including any winnings or losses at the tables of course.

These may seem to be unusual situations but even groups as small as four or five are enjoying some very good deals this year. Especially if some of the activities are planned and booked in advance, often deep discounts and freebies can be had.

Anyone can negotiate situations like these. But often it’s well worth it look into group travel specialists. They generally earn a commission from the hotel, so they cost the visitor nothing at all. And they have the connections to find symbiotic deals, like the hotel and casino mentioned above that worked together to make the visitors’ stay extra enjoyable.


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